BGA Aqueous Flux Cleaner

SMT Aqueous Flux Cleaner

High Pressure Substrate Cleaner

Flip Chip Flux Cleaner

Ultrasonic Magazine Cleaner

Chemical Deflash Cleaner

Stencil Cleaner

Singulated Units Cleaner

Spin Wash Cleaner

Other Equipment

Die Attach Machine

Copper Clip Attach Machine

Flip Chip Bonder

CIS Cleaning Machine

Reflow Oven

Pre-Reflow Inspection Machine

DI Water Recycling System

Auto Lid Placement Machine

Auto Stiffener Attach Machine

Ball Mounter

Dual Head Dispenser

Flux Jetting Dispensing Machine

Underfill Dispenser

Tray to Boat Sorter

Boat to Tray Sorter

Loader & Unloader

CO2 Bubbler Machine

Semi-Automatic Sealing Blister Machine

Other Customised Automation Equipment